• “What a great book! Spot-on illustrations and great tips for getting back on track.” —Rhonda G., Therapist     

  • A candid, laugh-out-loud, uplifting book. Takes one’s mind off the stress of being out of work.” —Andrea L., MBA, MS, LCDC, AAC, BCI

  • “Penny Pinkslip turns adversity into the perfect ‘how-to-get-re-employed’ guide, navigating the murky world of unemployment back into the sanity of a fabulous new job!” —Tom Adkins, Television Producer

  • “Couldn’t stop reading! By the end I was totally rooting for Penny Pinkslip!”  —Olha Hirka, Writer, Houston Independent School District

  • “I feel transformed after reading these words. It’s like my Enron days, waking up thinking I had somewhere to go and then realizing not. Happened to me!” —Erin Wesling, Senior Vice President

  • “Witty, insightful, informative! Penny Pinkslip reflects our years of hard work and the new job-hunting processes that ain’t like they used to be. LOL!” —Nelia Hinojosa, Contract Sales, Distribution NOW

  • “Humorous, refreshing, helpful in surviving depression caused by unemployment.” —Anne Guidace, Medical Assistant

  • “Illustrates the plight of the working class today and the tactics that dehumanize employees.” —Giro G., Teacher

  • “Having had the honor of being a member of the ‘over 50, you’re outta here club,’ the emotional roller coaster ride described in this book is spot on (sans the menopause).” —Carl F., Consultant

  • “A practical guide for someone going through job loss. You’re not alone – there’s hope!” —Peggy Williamson, Career Counselor

  • “A delightful resource for job seekers.” —Nory Angel, Executive Director & CEO, SER - Jobs for Progress - Texas Gulf Coast